Environmental policy Arctic hotels

• We give our guests a choice over how often the towels and sheets are changed, that way they can help us take care of the environment by reducing the usage of power and water.

• We usually try to turn off lights and equipment that isn’t being used when leaving the rooms. Please keep that in mind.

• We don’t let the water run when it isn’t necessary. It would be great if you did so too

• We try reducing the waste by sorting the trash. We have sorting facility at the entrance of the hotel where you can sort your trash.

• We buy products locally if possible. It supports local business and minimizes the shipping cost.

• We minimize the usage of materials that break down slowly in nature by buying bigger containers and in bulk, we also try as often as we can to use materials that aren’t single use like plastic.

• We donate a part of the company growth or our time to local projects and nature preservation every year.

We push to better understanding and wellbeing. Well informed staff is an essential foundation for the success of the company and the experience for the hotel guests. Our company will train the staff and inform our guests on what we are doing and how they can take part in helping us being an environmentally friendly hotel.